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DSTOQ is a licensed stock exchange on a mission to introduce micro investing to billions of people around the world.

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DSTOQ is an exchange without borders allowing for peer-to-peer trading of tokenized securities such as equities, bonds, stocks, oil and gold using the DSQ token.

Our license also enables us to conduct Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and create unique securities tokens, then offer them for peer-to-peer trading.

Diversify your portfolio with real-world assets
All under the safety of our license
Gain access to new tokenized financial products
Invest without leaving the token economy

PEER-to-PEER Trading


DSTOQ is an exchange without borders allowing for peer-to-peer trading of stocks, ETFs and bonds.

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The Tokenization Process

Transforming real-world assets into digital tokens

On the DSTOQ platform, real-world assets like bonds, commodities, ETFs and equity in companies are represented by tokens. Referred to as Security Tokens, these tokens are created and managed by DSTOQ in a Decentralized Securities Depository (DSD). Once a Security Token has been issued, it is tradable on the DSTOQ platform.

As the platform is based on blockchain technology, when the DSD communicates with the DSTOQ Exchange trading engine, it allows for near-instant clearing and settlement of trades. Full ownership history of the issuer’s assets are stored on the blockchain, which simplifies and accelerates the clearing process. In comparison, traditional stock exchanges take up to five days to settle trades.

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