Buy €1 of stocks, bonds, or ETFs

DSTOQ is on a mission to introduce micro investing to billions of people around the world. Making investing accessible and affordable. For everyone, everywhere.


Invest directly into companies through buying stocks also known as shares or equity.


Earn passive income through interest paid out by bonds.


Diversify your portfolio using ETFs which are funds/indexes that give you broad exposure to a variety of assets through one instrument.

We welcome emerging markets.

We Welcome Emerging Markets

At DSTOQ we're passionate about improving financial inclusion to empower a fair world.

Sadly in today's economy capital still yields more returns than work. Nowhere is this more evident than in emerging markets where people lack access to global markets and can only profit from their work.

We believe that everyone deserves access to invest without borders, so not only the rich can get richer. We're proud to welcome users from emerging markets who can use our platform to access global markets thereby reducing inequality.