Securities Trading as a Service

We have an end-to-end solution for securities trading. By integrating with our API, businesses can abstract away all the difficulties, regulations, and compliance challenges of financial markets.

Building the Future of Finance

Our API is built to power cross-border transactions, and allows customer facing businesses around the world to offer new products to their users. In doing so we create a peer-to-peer connection between the users of businesses such as challenger banks, mobile wallets, online brokers, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

2 .create({
3 headers: {'Authorization': `JWT ${TOKEN}`}
4 })
5 .post('', {
6 'selling': 'DSQ',
7 'buying': 'IROB',
8 'price': 0.1,
9 'amount': 5.4
10 })
11 .then(async (response) => {
12 const tx = new Transaction(
13 tx.sign(key)
14 await server.submitTransaction(tx)
15 })
16 .catch(console.log)

A Powerful API

New products for your business are only a few lines away. We give you the tools to build everything from securities trading, to market-making bots, all the way up to whitelabel exchanges. Integrate with our API today!