Publisher and media owner

DSTOQ Limited Address: Space C, Govant Building, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu Email: Managing Director: Mr Craig Mc Gregor

Supervisory authority

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Rue Bougainville Port Vila Vanuatu

Company issuing the DSQ Token

DSQ AG ( FL-0002.583.110-4) c/o Audina Treuhand AG Landstrasse 37 9490 Vaduz Lichtenstein

Primary subject matter of this website

  • Presentation of DSTOQ Group companies
  • Information on products and services offered by DSTOQ Group companies
  • Information on general topics, in particular economic research Voluntary clarification
  • The stock exchange license holder is DStoq Lt., registered and incorporated in Vanuatu in 2018.
  • DStoq Lt., DSQ Lt. and DSQ AG are part of the DSTOQ Group.
  • DSQ Lt., DStoq Lt. or DSQ AG do currently not hold a stock exchange license in Liechtenstein.
  • Once the platform is up running, the stock exchange will be operated out of Vanuatu according to the stock exchange licence granted by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission.


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